Oregon Adventure Rentals x 7.8.2021

A great destination close to Bend, Oregon in the Cascades is Clear Lake. This lake is roughly an hour and a half from downtown Bend. The route to the lake and back takes you through downtown Sisters. During the summer when it’s hot in central Oregon this is a great place to go camp, get out on the water, and enjoy some shade.

Clear Lake was discovered in the high Cascades in 1859 by a group of men who were searching for a route over the Cascade Mountains. At an elevation of over 3,000 feet it is roughly 142 acres in size. Due to its depth of 175 feet it is one of the coldest and clearest lakes in the Cascades.

The lake boasts amazing water-sports including kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing. This lake is also a great fishing spot. If you are more adventurous this lake is a popular dive spot with its underwater petrified forest.

Clear Lake has a resort on one end with a general store, cabins, and boat ramp. The general store also offers row boats for rent. The other end of the lake has a campground called Cold Water Cove. The campground offers 34 sites that fit tents, trailers, camper vans, and some smaller RVs.

One popular activity while at the lake is the hike around the lake called Clear Lake Loop Trail. This trail goes through groves of ancient firs, fields of lava, and the source of the McKenzie River.

Clear Lake Loop Trail