Here at Oregon Adventure Rentals, we give a damn. Oregon Adventure Rentals was founded upon the mission to provide the ultimate adventure experience in wild places, which in return leaves people inspired to protect them. We feel that exploring the outdoors is not only an opportunity to see the world but also an opportunity to better ourselves and the places we visit.

Oregon native plant in hands

Reducing Waste

Our rental units are stocked with as many re-usable items as possible. We outfit our rentals with re-usable kitchenware, equipment, and biodegradable soap. We are happy to clean and sanitize to help reduce waste on this planet. We recycle at all our locations as much as possible. We also strongly work with the Tread Lightly mindset which includes packing it in and out. Most of our units have toilets and trash bags to allow our renters to travel in the back country with as minimal of an impact as possible.

Supporting Our Community

We believe that people are the foundation of building a successful company and community. We believe strongly in equality! We do our best to partner with organizations, non-profits, and other local community organizations to do our part in supporting the community.

Reducing Our Footprint

Most of our units are outfitted with solar power systems instead of using the noisy and gas-powered generators. We encourage our renters to be mindful of electricity and water use while traveling to help reduce the footprint on natural places. We also encourage renters to use the biodegradable soap we provide instead of others that contain chemicals. We are excited to continue to work with our renters to reduce the footprint and keep the natural places natural.