Oregon Adventure Rentals x 7.9.2021

We took some time to explore the Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls while visiting Clear Lake. These falls offer a great hike, viewpoints, and a lush forest. The hike is a dog friendly path that is well traveled.

Sahalie Falls is located on the McKenzie river in the Cascades. Just down river of the Sahalie Falls is Koosah Falls. The Waterfalls Loop Trail connects the two waterfalls. Sahalie Falls has a viewpoint parking lot just off Highway 126. These falls were formed by two thick flows of basaltic andesite lava that also created Clear Lake some 3,000 years ago. These falls are beautiful blue with foaming white water.

Sahalie “Heaven” and Koosah “Sky” are Chinook words that are part of the trade language that helped people exchange news and goods in the area. There are signs in the parking lot that tell the story of the area and geology.

We think this is worth a stop while in the Cascades. The hike can be a down and back which is a long as you want to go. The trail stays cooler as its in the shade. This is a popular spot for people traveling through the area so parking can be limited or hard to find.