Oregon Adventure Rentals x 2.1.2021

Suttle Lake in the Cascade Mountain Range is 40 miles from Bend and just up the highway 20 from Sisters. The lake is a deep basin alpine lake at a max depth of 75 feet and is about a mile and a half long. The lake sits up in the mountains at over 3,400 feet. On the shore of the lake there are many established camp sites. You can learn more about the camp sites by visiting the National Forest Service website, click here. On the eastern shore is The Suttle Lodge which boasts a lodge, cabins, and boat house. They have booking options through their website. What makes this lake so beautiful is not only the clear water but the mixed conifer forest that surrounds it.

The lake permits motorized and non-motorized boats allowing fisherman to try to catch Kokanee and Brown Trout. The lake was originally formed by a terminal moraine which was deposited by glacial ice 25,000 years ago. The lake is fed by Link Creek which flows from Blue Lake.