What you need to know about renting in the winter.

Oregon Adventure Rentals was founded in Bend, we love winter exploration and snow sports! We have a lot of renters who like to go up to the mountains to enjoy lift service and camping at the slopes on Mt. Bachelor and Hoodoo. The winter experience in our rentals can be very different then the spring and summer. We want to make sure you are prepared and understand what renting in the winter looks like.

What to Expect

Deactivated Water System: The rental units are not insulated in the same way your house might be and as a result, there are many potential freeze points in the water system which often lead to lasting damage. With this in mind, we winterize and deactivate the freshwater systems for winter rentals. The sinks, showers, or any holdings tanks will not be available for use. We suggest bringing your own water in portable containers that you can be used for drinking and dishes instead.

Keeping Warm: Many of our rental units come equipped with either an inbuilt heater, which pulls directly from the diesel tank or propane tank in the unit. Some of the units have an optional small propane heater. We suggest that you pack warm and check the temperatures for the period of time you plan on renting. Please note, while these items will provide warmth, being in a rental unit during winter will not feel equivalent to being indoors and you will likely still want to layer up! (Pro Tip: Nothing feels better than slippers after a day of snow boots!)

Bend Oregon in the Winter

Using the Pop Top: The pop tops are intended to sustain a lot of weight and you might be surprised how heavy snow can be! For those renting units with pop tops, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the pop-top is completely clear of snow accumulation before raising, or while the pop top is up. The pop top has canvas siding, and while this is has some weather resistant qualities it is still a canvas material.

Ski & Snowboard Equipment Storage

Ski and snowboard equipment is not permitted inside the rental unit without being in a storage bag. If you intend on bringing skis, snowboards, or any other equipment with sharp edges, they must be stored using a ski and snowboard bag to protect the rental unit. Renters will be held responsible for any damages that occur on the interior or exterior of the van as a result of snow sports equipment.

Driving Conditions

Many of our units have four-wheel capabilities with all-season tires, but not all do.  It is the renter’s responsibility to understand the forecasted climate and the associated road conditions. Please make sure to book your rental accordingly. Renters who may be traveling through storm conditions will be required to bring their own chains and understand local chain laws. Please make sure to properly research the unit you are renting to understand the chain requirements and proper installation.

Renters will be held responsible for any damages that result from driving in poor conditions and improper chain use.